Message from my spirit, may the world hear my words. This revelation is brought to you by the letters (and numbers of) HRU and the Sphinx.

Start with a strong and persistent desire. Stand tall and firm, guard your soul. Become a pillar of fire, a beacon. Don’t leave your place, you must remain. You are the SENTINAL. Let the people come to you, count the blessings and express gratitude.

Wavering from (w)here you take root will bring on unnecessary burdens which require excessive efforts. To leave your home and yourself behind to follow “the call,” though you may feel yourself in (good or bad) company, you are yoked to the slave’s system of governance.

Fight for what’s right, fight for your self. Take back the throne of your soul. Liberation from your conditioning of such limited living is not without its cost. Blow by blow, bit by bit, self-imposed constraints of your consciousness will be painful to change. Hone your weapon, use the subtle sword to cut the bullshit away.

Do what you need to do, for you. Fuck what it looks like in other people’s eyes. Be honest with yourself, trust yourself if you care. If you’re a practitioner of self-deceit, it will be a relief to your soul to just say so aloud to yourself, no one needs to hear. Admit what you know and do not know, suspend all possibilities for introspection, consider the probability of misguided intentions.

Free yourself from the prison of your mind. Recognise you are the warden, the guilty, the victim and the jury. Boundaries are guidelines for safety and protection. They are boundless in their applications, you decide your limitations.

See the crystal ignite the golden heart. Transmission of light, directed divine.
I am the key, I may facilitate but it is you who initiates.

ABC, 123, play with me, open wide, come inside, starseed on sesame street. See the crystal ignite the golden heart. Transmission of light, directed divine.
I am the key, I may facilitate but it is you who initiates. Contact me for a tarot reading. I am the Oracle of Sydney, stellar avatar of alpha Delphinus. Godhead activated martian midheaven archetype. Guide inner mutation, eleusinian light. star on angles at moment of birth: sualocin midheaven, fixed star parans. Time and location specific, you are the result of the circumstances at birth. Which determines what, who is the agent to act upon the object? Which of the subjects activates the agent? Doesn’t matter which came first, paradoxical existence is evidence of preeminence. Whatever your preference, all your life is laid before you in the very moment you entered this plane of existence. Map, guide, tools, talents, allies, signs, troubles, trials, karma, potential and pivotal points. All your life has culminated to this point in time, choose your own destiny, remember the way. If you get lost, make the most of whatever you’ve got. Where are you in the story of your life? Are you a participant or plaintiff in the crime we call life? Are you a hero, villain or victim in this MMORPG (meta magnum opus role pleiades gamos) (magnum mundane orphic rule ploy gamo) prime of my life.

25 April 2020

23 May 2020

Dear lord, are you there? No one hears my little prayers. I don’t know what I need to say… but here’s my heart, here’s my broken spirit, soul arc reeling. My mind is leaking. Leave me empty.

What I guess I’m trying to say is that I need him in my life. But i dont know if he’s left me in his past… looking for someone he wants me to be… he’s looking for (but not looking for) me. It sounds crazy.

New moon, the sacred sound of home. You are where is full moon was when he was born.

Sun dog, ratsun, horseman Headstrong. Come pick me up when you’ve landed. Whether or not time continues or not, know that i gave it all I had got.

The seven day bridge was activated earlier than was communicated. There is 4 days left to make the most of this transit.

The 25th is your limit, on the 26th it will be finished. 27th is too late as the dawn will shield the gates and draw back the bridge between us.

Let me kiss you. Hold me. I don’t want to miss you.

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