Holy ghost, holey goes, wholly knows, holy gnost, holey noust, wholey nous. Sacred stranger, a guest or foe, a host of holes, the geist gusto

I came to realise that by “ghost” we become the archetypes and thereby are multifaceted with many roles, unable to be just a single thing.

We are mothers and daughters and sisters and lovers and friends and rivals and advisors and deterrents.

We teach, we comfort, we nurture, we guide, we entertain, we inform, we persuade, we influence, we embody, we personify, we are all the things that we think, we feel and we envision of ourselves as well as all that is projected onto us.

Monkey see, monkey do, but we’re more than monkeys for we can hear and process too.

As mothers we know we’re more than what we perceive and conceive for we receive more than the receipts we may be given.

But people are so attached to these labels (which are useful in the instruction and teaching) that they don’t realise that labels are only necessary in the initial stages.

After we’ve learned the names or how to use/do/refer to/whatever, the labels become meaningless and are able to be replaced with anything!

After we are given content to fill our knowledge banks, context is the keycard that allows us access to withdraw/deposit anything of value for us to then use.

People forget about context. “Content is king” yeah well context is queen. And so many people forget that because they’re all about what they can see. Which is fair enough, but in saying that people seem to think that *only* what they can see is worth acknowledging.

But there’s so much that we cannot see but that doesn’t make them any less of a reality. For very “real” examples, infrared and ultraviolet light, sound waves, elements, atoms, black holes.

We are both more and less than what we think/feel/know. Behold, all is nothing, AND nothing more.

Never cease to absorb and learn, for we cannot possibly be everything all at once, at least not in this physical current form. Xxoxoxoxoxoxo

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